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The Way We Live Now

Do these encounters add up to mere emotional figments or legitimate weights to pile on my increasingly unglued condition about current and future national events?

Junk for Life

I grew up on Philadelphia’s finest junk food and I intend to eat them all.

Advice from the Ladies

I finally remembered to bring my phone this morning and, once back home, decided to look for more inspirational words. There were a lot from famous men but I chose women because I’m damn tired of hearing men yapper on about this world. Most of them aren’t helping, anyway.

A Little Mental Health Assistance from a Friend

A well-timed post from my most rational colleague provided great tips to staying sane.


The only way to witness and make sense of the tragedies surrounding us seems to me to acknowledge the small graces given to us for now.

A Survivor’s Guide to Reducing Stress

My friend and colleague, Dr Robert Oliva, has written a much needed guide on how to deal with our stress and anxiety.

Recipe Monday! Does It Matter Anymore?

If this was the before time, I would have not stopped at the fifth rewrite of this morning’s post about the virtual dinner party we had on Saturday.

Recipe Monday! High Anxiety Chocolate Mousse Pie

I’m going to take a very educated guess and say you may be a little anxious if not distressed right now. Here to the rescue is Recipe Monday! High Anxiety Chocolate Mousse Pie

Tara and the Writing Life

Beyond the normal set of age-related conditions, Tara’s in great shape. Except she has Alzheimer.