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Hot Chocolate for PJ Monday

Hot chocolate has long been considered a curative drink, highly nutritious for the invalid and beneficial to those suffering from mental strain

Margie Sets the Table

The first lesson Madame imparted to the women was an understanding that she would be bestowing a skill to them that would prove more valuable than any their husbands might possess

Recipe Monday! A Feast of Bones

Food is the one elementary need we all have, feeding a comfort we can share, especially in troubled times. I finally remembered this and slapped myself out of isolation funk. Then I pulled a large bag of bones from the freezer to make beef stock.

video of crashing sled

Recipe Monday! Sledding Crêpes

I watched the snow fall on Saturday and wished I could go sledding. It’s horrifying to me that the last time was when my oldest son was around four years old and we lost control and rammed right into a lamp post.