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The Cream Puff Offense

We shared the conclusion that 2020 would continue to find it hysterical that we entertained a sliver of hope she’d suddenly change her bloody ways.

A Little Mental Health Assistance from a Friend

A well-timed post from my most rational colleague provided great tips to staying sane.

Recipe Monday! Time to Call in the Ladies!

If the virus doesn’t get us, our hippocampus will. And with that I forced myself to get up and head to the kitchen. Maybe I could find an alluring recipe.

A Survivor’s Guide to Reducing Stress

My friend and colleague, Dr Robert Oliva, has written a much needed guide on how to deal with our stress and anxiety.

Recipe Monday! Does It Matter Anymore?

If this was the before time, I would have not stopped at the fifth rewrite of this morning’s post about the virtual dinner party we had on Saturday.

Recipe Monday! High Anxiety Chocolate Mousse Pie

I’m going to take a very educated guess and say you may be a little anxious if not distressed right now. Here to the rescue is Recipe Monday! High Anxiety Chocolate Mousse Pie