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Barbecue and the Petrified Dogs

Instead of researching, I’ve watched this and thought you like it, too.

Moms Coming Out of the Woodwork!

I’ve been getting a slew of stuffing suggestions from the children of other moms ever since Monday’s post about moms and their stuffing. Also their dads–and yes, I apologize I didn’t mention that our dads cook, too, sometimes, as one reader pointed out, much better … Continue reading Moms Coming Out of the Woodwork!

Soul Food Wisdom

Sheila Ferguson’s book, Soul Food, is, in great part, a memoir to impart to her daughters the vastness of their heritage. One family, rooted in the history of America, generations braided together in surviving horrible pain and adversity, all the while playing a part in one of the world’s great cuisines.

The Meatloaf Incident

It’s meatloaf weather. Actually, you could argue every month is meatloaf weather, but none more so than during the late winter months that require all the comfort food you can find. On the cusp of an Armageddon blizzard, I finally managed to fight my way into a supermarket to secure the necessary … Continue reading The Meatloaf Incident