I Can’t Believe It Supplements and Contributors


A bunch of friends helped dream up this supplement that covers Brooklyn centric topics we obsess about everyday. In no particular order, we write about history, literature, popular culture, music, obscure neighborhoods and many many other preoccupations. Recent posts have explored how Covid-19 is affecting everyday life, especially as the quarantine rages and, for the present, our horizons shrink.

Joe Fodor is a Flatbush, Brooklyn based writer, whose non-fiction work has appeared in The Nation, Omni Magazine, The Sporting News, The Quayle Quarterly and Brooklyn Bridge Magazine (1995-2000).  His poetry has been published in The Baffler. He is spending 2021 celebrating the 250th Birthday of Sir Walter Scott, author of Waverley and the favorite of 19th Century Brooklynites.


Our mental and physical health plays a central role in how we handle everyday challenges–a key tenet behind I Can’t Believe I Did This. The supplement’s recent posts have helped to guide readers through these most extraordinary times with topics that range from dealing with anxiety, stress to valuable lessons on dieting and exercise.

Dr. Robert Oliva, author of over 50 articles, Ebooks and the website, Transform Your Life, is a certified holistic health practitioner and Licensed Master Social Worker. His priority is to provides timely and science-based health information that facilitates sound lifestyle decisions regarding diet, fitness, stress management, relationships, and spiritual realization.