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The joys and sorrows of the writing life

A Literary April Fool

Jane Austen received a letter today from the Prince Regent, the future King George the IV. Considering its royal stamp, she probably opened it right away.

It’s a Marmalade Cheese Cake Kind of Day

Eleanor Barnett is a Cambridge educated food historian which makes her smarter than me but it also means she knows her stuff.

Flipping Out With a Sassy Girl!

Amee Vanderpool’s smart cheekiness will get us through today.

4 A.M. Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

This takes me to 3:42 a.m. It’s not that I can not sleep, it’s that I can not stay asleep.

Fred Trump Is Not Here: Visiting His Headquarters in the Twilight of the Patriarch

The Trump offices were indistinguishable from the other apartment buildings, and marked only by a row of black limousines parked under the trees closest to the door.

The Undoing

In between, we satisfied ourselves with calling Margie which allowed us to conclude her good humor was seeing her through her isolation.

An Unexpected Turn

The only real map we had was an old photograph showing the Outerbridge Crossing, a marina that may or not still exist, and Perth Amboy refineries across the Arthur Kill.

Hot Chocolate for PJ Monday

Hot chocolate has long been considered a curative drink, highly nutritious for the invalid and beneficial to those suffering from mental strain

What Does It Mean to Be As American As Apple Pie?

The phrase can be traced as far back as the 19th century with writers, especially journalist, invoking it to describe many contrary things, among them patriots, anarchists, protests, civil disobedience, racial equality, racism, civil rights, feminisms, unions, strike breaking, soldiers, pacifist, celebrities, common folks, rural towns and great cities. They are all apparently as American as apple pie.

The Cream Puff Offense

We shared the conclusion that 2020 would continue to find it hysterical that we entertained a sliver of hope she’d suddenly change her bloody ways.