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The joys and sorrows of the writing life

Simply Insane

An interview with the fabulous I’M NOT RIGHT IN MY HEAD!

A Fellow Traveler in the Mental Food World!

I’m not right in the head and I cant believe I did this blogs could be on the same joy ride.

How to Walk the Tightrope

How to talk to family and friends who don’t agree with you about everything these days

Sleepy Apple Pie

I discovered the medicinal benefits of apple pie while writing a book. It’s in the way the softened apples melt into a buttery crust and forms a kind of batting around the mind and a stilling weight to the body that almost always quiets any lingering residue of wattage that disturbs my rest.

Sort of Ms. Johanna’s Carrot Cake

You can ask as many times as you want and use all the interviewing tricks you know but she won’t give you the recipe. “They’d go ahead and screw it up and then it’d be ‘oh, Ms. Johanna’s cake isn’t good at all,’ all over around here.”

National Put People to Work Week

As we head into the next two bloody months, we could use some semblance of faith we’ll pull through together in one piece.

A Fig Story

There are tastes that linger in memory–good and bad, those you hunger for or avoid the rest of your life. My first bite of a fig is among the great ones.

My Spam Breakup

Within three weeks I had hundreds of more followers! Isn’t that incredible?!

Doctoring 101

When time and pressure is not in the cards, we’ve all secretly turned to market prepared tubs of something. There’s nothing wrong with this. Feeding people is not about killing yourself and, no matter what it is you’ve brought home, it can magically be turned into something especially your own.

Angle Food Turkey Platter Cake

It’s a mystery how the idea of what to cook comes to me each week. No spread sheet. No consideration for the season. It’s a “that sounds good!” process. And that’s how I decided how wonderful it would be to write about angel food cake on a hot day.