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I’m a woman. It ain’t easy.

The Kitchen Table

The important point here is that the kitchen was a proper size for a throne from where she ruled her house until widowed and her children had acquired kitchens of their own.

A Literary April Fool

Jane Austen received a letter today from the Prince Regent, the future King George the IV. Considering its royal stamp, she probably opened it right away.

Take a Chance with Dead Eye on the Side

I was lousy at keeping my station of three booths and a corner of the counter content. The women taught me, I learned as fast as possible and, by the middle of my second week I was pretty good.

Susan B. Anthony Yells At a Bunch of Men!

Susan Anthony often picked rotten eggs out of her bonnet and suffered some of the worse food imaginable during one of the worse periods in American cooking.

It’s a Marmalade Cheese Cake Kind of Day

Eleanor Barnett is a Cambridge educated food historian which makes her smarter than me but it also means she knows her stuff.

Piece of Cake

100-dollar-cake is about the only cake I’m assured will come out decently.

Black Women Inventors

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science I’d like to single out several Black women who saw a problem and applied technology to fix it.

Flipping Out With a Sassy Girl!

Amee Vanderpool’s smart cheekiness will get us through today.

4 A.M. Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

This takes me to 3:42 a.m. It’s not that I can not sleep, it’s that I can not stay asleep.

Mugs Full of Comfort and Joy

There are presents to wrap, blessings to add to the family’s current list. The first of many warm holiday winter drinks wait to be brewed.