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A supplement that explores topics related to our mental, physical and spiritual health, especially through these most extraordinary times, with science-based holistic and traditional naturopath methods.

Covid Reentry Anxiety? Here’s What You Need To Do To Overcome It

The American Psychological Association has estimated that 50% of Americans feel anxious about resuming in-person activities. What is the new normal? It’s a perplexing and potentially anxiety provoking state for many of us.

Brain Health: An Owner’s Guide To A Happy, Resilient, and Stress Free Brain

Our brains are under siege. We’re not just stressed. We are stressed out. Here’s a guide to help.

Astromancy Blaming

Mercury gets the hell out of retrograde on Sunday, the 21st. Until then, duck.

Looking After Yourself During This Time of Turmoil

Meaningful self-care has to do with you, who you are, your state of mind, and the direction of your life.

Six Ways to Find Joy During the Holidays

This year’s holiday season is anything but normal. Despite this, with some effort, we can still celebrate and discover ways to find joy, hope and connection.

Everything You Need to Know to Happily and Safely Survive Our Covid Thanksgiving

With forethought and planning, this Thanksgiving can be fun and become a fond memory.

Dealing with Election Anxiety, Stress, and Burnout as The Vote Count Grinds On

You haven’t been sleeping. Your stomach feels upset. Snacking has become compulsive while you stare at the TV watching endless election analysis. Uncertainty abounds. And the recounts are still to come!

Tangled in Wires

We’ve all become couch potatoes and social media addicts. What’s a few ways we can break our patterns?

The 3 A.M. and I Can’t Sleep Blues

As soon as Robert Oliva sent in his response to this question, I tried it out and experienced several nights where I wasn’t counting the husband’s snores nor the dog’s dream barks.

How, In God’s Name, Have You Not Lost Your Mind Yet?!

Parenting friends confess to locking themselves in closets, moving up the cocktail hour, being comatose during Zoom meetings or forgetting them completely. One pleaded with her boss for time off, another’s kid kept hitting his arm with a keyboard while he was on a job interview. A lot of them admitted that they’ve let out a primal scream at some point in their day.