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The joys and sorrows visited upon us by our parents, partners, and children–and everyone else in between

A Ham Bone and Some Beans

After the week we’ve had, it seems horrifically ironic that I planned the soup days before.

4 A.M. Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

This takes me to 3:42 a.m. It’s not that I can not sleep, it’s that I can not stay asleep.

Six Ways to Find Joy During the Holidays

This year’s holiday season is anything but normal. Despite this, with some effort, we can still celebrate and discover ways to find joy, hope and connection.

Mugs Full of Comfort and Joy

There are presents to wrap, blessings to add to the family’s current list. The first of many warm holiday winter drinks wait to be brewed.

Baking With Lisa! Christmas Cookies Part 1

This is a preview of tomorrow’s post. I hope you come back to read the full account of the fun Lisa and I had baking a lot more cookies.

Have to Muddle Through Somehow…or Something Like That

Dad’s favorite Christmas song was Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It hasn’t been the same since.

Please Come to the Christmas Party!

30 invitations have gone out. With couples, that should come to around 45, plus young children. There’s been more of those recently. And then the sons’ friends who once stayed in the basement but who are now in their twenties and thirties and mingle with … Continue reading Please Come to the Christmas Party!

The Undoing

In between, we satisfied ourselves with calling Margie which allowed us to conclude her good humor was seeing her through her isolation.

Moms Coming Out of the Woodwork!

I’ve been getting a slew of stuffing suggestions from the children of other moms ever since Monday’s post about moms and their stuffing. Also their dads–and yes, I apologize I didn’t mention that our dads cook, too, sometimes, as one reader pointed out, much better … Continue reading Moms Coming Out of the Woodwork!

Everything You Need to Know to Happily and Safely Survive Our Covid Thanksgiving

With forethought and planning, this Thanksgiving can be fun and become a fond memory.