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Tangled in Wires

We’ve all become couch potatoes and social media addicts. What’s a few ways we can break our patterns?

How, In God’s Name, Have You Not Lost Your Mind Yet?!

Parenting friends confess to locking themselves in closets, moving up the cocktail hour, being comatose during Zoom meetings or forgetting them completely. One pleaded with her boss for time off, another’s kid kept hitting his arm with a keyboard while he was on a job interview. A lot of them admitted that they’ve let out a primal scream at some point in their day.

How to Walk the Tightrope

How to talk to family and friends who don’t agree with you about everything these days

Collar Up Girls!

Maybe Ginsburg’s death happened at the best of time, when we need a powerful reminder that social progress and Constitutional rights are fragile and need all our gumption to ensure they survive

National Put People to Work Week

As we head into the next two bloody months, we could use some semblance of faith we’ll pull through together in one piece.

Reading History

Today, we will follow the markers that commemorate the first major engagement of the Revolutionary War, which took place on this date 244 years ago.

Dog Walking While Naked

As expected, your naked face is greeted with stares. A popular response is to make a sharp swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid you.

A Complicated Berry

What is not to love about watermelon? Unfortunately there is, falling in line with other racial realities we’re grappling with this summer.

Ms. Johanna’s Hats

Ms. Johanna’s been telling me that the old straw hat I wear is too heavy to do any good when we work in the garden (it does just fine). She said she needed to teach me how to make a real hat but we had to have some newspaper, specifically The New York Times.

The Story of One Life

Stories told of everyday people we have lost to the coronavirus encapsulate so much of our country’s current struggles and what we stand to lose every single day.