Category: Brooklyn Almanac

A Supplement that covers a wide range of subjects somehow tied to the borough’s history, culture, social mores and current events, as well as a few subjects we tend to personally obsess about.

Barbecue and the Petrified Dogs

Instead of researching, I’ve watched this and thought you like it, too.

Farming Organically on a Flowing Stream of Lava

Farming on a flowing Stream of lava sounds tricky, but follow this common-sense advice and you will soon soon be enjoying excellent, Organically certified vegetables!

A Home for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are a part of a cook’s history, an extension of their owners. Used pots and pans form the spine of my kitchen.

Minnesota Boots in Flatbush Snow

I do not deserve to wear Red Wing boots, whose Twitter bio boasts “Our work footwear has been protecting hardworking folks on the job for over 100 years.”

Looking After Yourself During This Time of Turmoil

Meaningful self-care has to do with you, who you are, your state of mind, and the direction of your life.

The Ant’s Story

M.F.K. Fisher’s advice on stockpiling: Probably the best way to stock your shelf is to buy two cans of vegetables and so forth when you only need one, if your local rationings [modern revision: if available] allows it. Make a list of what you would like to have, and gradually accumulate it, if you can afford it….whiskey and a good stable wine.”

The Way We Live Now

Do these encounters add up to mere emotional figments or legitimate weights to pile on my increasingly unglued condition about current and future national events?


Oh praise the stars and moon, the awesomeness of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s brilliant kiss, the rivers of compassion and grit.

Six Ways to Find Joy During the Holidays

This year’s holiday season is anything but normal. Despite this, with some effort, we can still celebrate and discover ways to find joy, hope and connection.

Fred Trump Is Not Here: Visiting His Headquarters in the Twilight of the Patriarch

The Trump offices were indistinguishable from the other apartment buildings, and marked only by a row of black limousines parked under the trees closest to the door.