Author: pat willard

Grew up in Philadelphia. Live in Brooklyn. Written four books best described as about memory and cultural history, food and some pretty good recipes. Works in progress may be viewed at

Simply Insane

An interview with the fabulous I’M NOT RIGHT IN MY HEAD!

A Drink While Putting the Garden to Bed

Today’s chore is to crawl and stoop about the beds to haul in Ms. Johann’s final harvest.

Tangled in Wires

We’ve all become couch potatoes and social media addicts. What’s a few ways we can break our patterns?

The 3 A.M. and I Can’t Sleep Blues

As soon as Robert Oliva sent in his response to this question, I tried it out and experienced several nights where I wasn’t counting the husband’s snores nor the dog’s dream barks.

The Pie Plate of Tears

Reader, now is the time to remember that this is an anti-perfect food blog.

A Fellow Traveler in the Mental Food World!

I’m not right in the head and I cant believe I did this blogs could be on the same joy ride.

How, In God’s Name, Have You Not Lost Your Mind Yet?!

Parenting friends confess to locking themselves in closets, moving up the cocktail hour, being comatose during Zoom meetings or forgetting them completely. One pleaded with her boss for time off, another’s kid kept hitting his arm with a keyboard while he was on a job interview. A lot of them admitted that they’ve let out a primal scream at some point in their day.

The Case for Suet

For years, I quietly mourned how the absence of suet deprived me of the complete memory of a time when everyone in my family gathered around an evening meal, secure in knowing together what the rest of the week held for us.

How to Walk the Tightrope

How to talk to family and friends who don’t agree with you about everything these days

Junk for Life

I grew up on Philadelphia’s finest junk food and I intend to eat them all.