Impeachment Pie Redux

Yes, here we are again. This time we’re in worse shape than last September when we thought that trial was a one-off experience. The world was so simple then when I wrote the piece below. It was the first of my Recipe Wednesday! posts. What was going on in Washington was fraught and my drinking had sort of become a little over the top because of it. But everything in the world seemed manageable. We could say that this was as bad as it was going to get. And there was the 2020 election to look forward to.


A few months later, I moved Recipe Wednesday! to Monday. Then the title felt limiting and I dropped it but Mondays continue to have a recipe or two. I’m not really drinking anymore. Fraught is laughable. Last week blew my little American heart to pieces.

What I’ve been sounding like.

The husband with all his degrees in American history says this impeachment should instill faith in our democracy. In other words, it’s going to be alright. Next week many things will, indeed, change. Yes, as everyone with a media feed and Twitter account keeps exclaiming, these are dark dark times for our country. At night when I try to kick their voices and the images last week out of my head I make the husband repeat to me that there are a slew of reasons to hope.


For now, I promise you, a good pot pie will do you good.