Flipping Out With a Sassy Girl!

As a public service to get us through today’s craziness, I would like to introduce you to Amee Vanderpool. Her newsletter, SHERO, has been an evaluable guide throughout these godforsaken years by explaining the many pitfalls and miniscule victories in our government and legal systems. Even Covid didn’t stop her–her posts during the frightful three weeks of her illness alone were worth reading her. There’s a good handful of commentators and journalists who can be trusted to provide us with thoughtful analysis and well-sourced journalism, but none of them has Vanderpool’s smart cheekiness. And I, for one, have needed a major scoop of that to get through.

Today, she is bravely sacrificing her sanity for us by doing the dirty work of explaining all the ways Republicans will try to rip our Constitution apart. Check in on her twitter feed from time to time and read her newsletter. She’ll get you to the cocktail hour in one piece.

Here’s a sample