Simply Insane

(Disclaimer: Above image illustrates the “dropped can of tomato sauce while making beef stew” incident and not a massacre.)

These days, whenever COVID/election shenanigan’s force A Clockwork Orange level of torture on me I turn to IM NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD for solace.

Me watching the news.

The IM NOT RIGHT CAFE album is particularly comforting. So it seemed only fitting to reach out and tell them just how much all their off-the-wall memes warm the cockles of my heart. This led to a surprisingly thoughtful, sane conversation, the kind that’s often missing these days.

Just how off the rocker were you when you started IM NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD in 2009?

Honestly, I was remarkably sane at the time. I kept seeing pages with millions of likes that would flame out in 6 months and I thought to myself, “is there a way to produce something that would have more staying power?” Being a Creative Director in advertising, I naturally took the approach of treating it more like a brand. And here we are 11 years later and over 4 million strong across the world. Just blows my mind.

Has anything surprised you as the site developed?

I thought I was creating a silly, pointless page, never realizing who it was really reaching and how it could help them experience just a sliver of joy when they needed it most.

Like who?

Like the number of people who would reach out to me from hospitals, some of them sadly terminally ill, or others who were depressed who thanked me for making them smile. That was very humbling and gratifying.

Have you noticed any changes to what followers have been posting in the last couple of years?

Oh, definitely. People want to post more stuff with foul language. I’ve learned that stuff like that just leads to ugly, vile threads–and I didn’t want that to be my legacy. I want it to bring joy to the world. So this year I’ve stuck with stuff that has touched on the insanity of living in a world with COVID. It’s been a boon to all humor pages. They remind people that they’re not alone in dealing with these surreal times.

The NOT RIGHT CAFE has many wonderfully enticing I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS-esq recipes, such as the cheese cake constructed entirely out of slices of American cheese, hot dog tacos, and sliced bologna on potato chips–all made from some of my favorite ingredients! Do any recipes stand out as particularly appealing to you?

I love bologna, but honestly, just a mustard and potato chip sandwich does it for me! I grew up in Phoenix, and that right there is the type of gourmet dining I’m used to.

Are you surprised followers make them, even try to top them?

Yes! I mean, I always looked at them as jokes, not something to actually do. But I love that about humanity: We are just capable of doing the most absurd things–and that’s what our page tries to celebrate every day.


Readers, if you’ve never visited INR’s Cafe album you should be prepared to be inspired. Now here’s a challenge: If any of these outtake photos from past posts appeal to you as meme worthy, go ahead and create your own for the album.

P. S.: The apron under all the mess in the banner is available at the IM NOT RIGHT STORE.

It’s a damn good one, beautifully made in the U.S.A. and, most importantly, extremely washable!