A Fellow Traveler in the Mental Food World!

My dear dear Wisconsin friend–she who inspired the Jonesing for Lemon Meringue Pie posts–highlighted on Facebook today a group who, right from the start, appears to be carrying on the good fight to celebrate life’s absurdness. They touch on every aspect of our lives, including a special category for food. A short browse through their site brightened up a day which began with stupidly checking news headlines and then proceeded to standing up my dentist who needs to fix the molar I cracked while watching the debate (this is true). As you can tell from the group’s title–I’m not right in the head–we have some thoughts and views in common.

They will let me post some of my photos there that haven’t made it into the blog because, even for me, they’re too weird, such as the time I tried to make a steam fruit pudding. The photos will tell you why you never saw it.

Now, though, with the site’s support, I will reveal to you one of my shameful wingdings. It’s from one of my private “lifting your soul” recipes I turn to when I’m not a little less than right in the head. Here’s how it went down:

The husband was away somewhere and the day’s work hadn’t gone well. I would be dining alone, usually a fine state of affairs that allows for the opportunity to eat whatever I like and the husband doesn’t (i.e. fish). Sometimes it’s just dessert. Other times it may be an open can of tuna fish and shared with the cat while we curl up together to watch what the husband refers to as a woman’s movie.

This night I chose another of my favorite: A fried egg sandwich and a dry martini that I decided to eat at my desk among a huge messy pile of starts and stops on a story that was driving me, very much too literally, around the bend. I guess I hoped it’d help me find something of worth among the strewn pages. It might have, I can’t remember. But the meal proved fantastic! The M&Ms I found in the back of the refrigerator, probably leftovers from last month’s Halloween, served as dessert.

Fried egg sandwich:

Melt butter in a non-stick skillet, carefully crack in two eggs, and cook them to just how you like them. I favor runny. Meanwhile, toast two pieces of bread. When the toast pops up, slater each slice with butter, some mayonnaise, ketchup and maybe a couple dashes of hot sauce. Slide egg on top of one piece of bread, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top with the other slice.

Dry martini

Place a cocktail shaker with a lid and martini glass in the freezer while you make your egg sandwich. Just before the egg finishes cooking, take out the shaker, fill it with ice cubes and pour in the amount of gin you think you’ll need for a good stiff drink. Add a few drops of dry vermouth, cover the shaker with its lid, and shake it with all your might for a second or two. Take the martini glass from the freezer and pour in the gin. Garnish with olives or a curled slice of lemon. You may also transform the drink into a Gibson by using a few tiny onions.