Junk for Life

I’m in a place thick with childhood ghosts, a fine excuse to live on eating childish things. With the exception of scrambled eggs, my diet the last few days has consisted of Tastykakes–specifically Kandy Kakes (chocolate disks topped with peanut butter and chocolate frosting); Snowballs (half domes of chocolate cake stuffed with marshmallow filling, covered in more marshmallow filling under a ton of pink coconut flakes); and Scrapple (best left undescribed but, at least in my day, included pig snouts and feet, and lot of fat). Yesterday’s dinner was a hoagie–Philadelphia hoagies, the best in the world. Right now, I’m finishing breakfast—-a salt crusted pretzels heavily smeared with spicy mustard.

Luckily, the New Jersey town we’re in for the week stocks them to keep their Philadelphia renters content. In this week of running after serenity, I intend to have them all!

Today’s mental health question:

I have a pretty good diet but now I seem to be loading up on more carbs and sugars. Why?

Everyone seems to be eating more carbs during the pandemic.

Robert explains such wanton ways:

Why? The science is clear: anxiety and stress produce cortisol which increases your appetite. Eating sugary foods releases the brain chemical dopamine provoking emotional eating that leads to weight gain, guilt, and regret.

Here are suggestions that can help:

· Don’t obsess about gaining weight. You will lose it after the pandemic.
· Don’t blame yourself. Our biology is the culprit.
· Connect with family and friends to reduce isolation.
· Identify the feelings that trigger emotional eating.
· Use meditation to reduce your stress/food connection.
· Start each day afresh with resolve to eat healthier.

Good luck and be kind to yourself.

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