Collar Up Girls!

My brother-in-law sent me the photo of the Fearless Girl in her Ruth Bader Ginsburg collar. I screamed and cried when I heard Ginsburg died. 2020 has ripped the skin off my bones but I hadn’t felt the kind of overwhelming hopelessness that griped me that night. Over these last days I slipped into a funk that stopped me from caring that my fate now is, by and large, fully in the hands of dishonorable men. It’s certain they’ll install a very conservative judge in Ginsburg’s seat, thus placing women’s hard fought-for rights smack on a dangerous fault line. They promise it’ll be a woman, as if this mollifies their first of probably many insults they are gleefully anticipating will diminish RBG’s legacy.

But this little girl took my shoulders and shook some sense in me. A very wise woman once said to me that depression is a negative force, anger–good anger–a compelling instinct. One diminishes you. The other’s a call to action. Maybe Ginsburg’s death happened at the best of times, when we need a powerful reminder that social progress and Constitutional rights are fragile and need all our gumption to ensure they survive.

She lies in state today and, for those lucky enough to be with her, whisper to her that there’s a ground swell of support to carry on her fight for equality. For all of us, take inspiration from Ginsburg’s collar collection to start amassing your own. Then gird your loins, girls, and, en masse let’s wear them in the streets and to the polls!

Our neighbors aren’t completely on board with the new home improvement.

Hed photo credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly