A Reason to Smile This Morning

It’s International Clown Day! That’s right! Let’s all commemorate and give thanks to the women and men who make us laugh even when we don’t feel like it.

The way this year is going you might be tempted to only conjure mutant clowns–the ones who inevitably wear violent red noses, wild garish wigs, their faces smeared lurid white, lips bloody, eyes manically ablaze.

Poke those creeps in the eyes right now and tell them to scram! Today is for the gloriously funny people who have the rare talent to replace our woes with belly laughs. Their magic may only last a couple of minutes but, boy, what would we do without them?

There’s no better way to honor them than by spreading some hilarity around. Here’s a couple of silly ideas to get you started:

Easy chuckles!
Take the family out for a ride!
Bring down the house with your vaudeville act!