A Little Mental Health Assistance from a Friend

I’m having a very very hard time concentrating. I’m blowing deadlines, am very near catatonic after 2 p.m. and down for the count by 9:45 p.m.

The youngest son came over yesterday, took one look at me, and said (and this is a direct quote), “letting ourselves go, are we?

Hair longer than ever, blue streaks fading, haven’t plucked, shaved, polished, applied mascara in, oh, about four months. Extra dessert pounds blouse over my pants’ waist. To tell you the truth, I sometimes have to remind myself to take a shower.

I could say the same to the son, too. I did, actually. That’s the kind of family we are.

A post from my sanest colleague landed in my mailbox the other day, Protecting Your Mental Health. Aside from being full of good advice, it includes several tests (scroll about 2/3 down) that will help you gauge your mental outlook. As I suspected, I’m not depressed as much as anxious (ha!) and somehow knowing this makes me less anxious.

Perspective is a great thing. Hope you find some, too.

2 thoughts on “A Little Mental Health Assistance from a Friend

  1. I think we all had a bit of low level depression BEFORE coronavirus just because of, well you know…and now there is a splash of anxiety on top. The new 2020 cocktail: low level depression with a splash of anxiety in a sweated glass, no colorful umbrella or zest. Sigh.