Dehydrated Peeps

I feel a great responsibility to share this post from one of my favorite blogs. It’s a rare thing, indeed, when you find a recipe that uses industrial-grade dyed marshmallow critters. Peeps are one of my top favorite creations in the food world, an opinion I’ve been told many times is not universally shared. More for me, I say…and for my friend here. I am now going out on an expedition to see if I can find any leftover from Easter. Considering they were probably not high on anyone’s pandemic survival list, I’m sure it’ll be a successful hunt. Thanks for making my day!!

2 thoughts on “Dehydrated Peeps

  1. The peep factory shut down early this year so there was a significantly reduced run. If you cant find them around your way, let me know. The peep factory is a philly thing so maybe I’ll have better luck. I know I have one pack in the house.