Recipe Monday! Still in the Oven!!

The dish this week is chicken burritos. For some reason, my sons’ always request it for their birthday dinner. Last night I made it for the eldest but we all sat around the table too long and I wasn’t into writing until 2 AM to make my deadline.

Besides, I’m notorious for claiming dinner will be ready at 6 PM. Somehow, though, life gets in the way and it’s pretty close to 8 when everything is finally ready.

Tomorrow morning, for sure, the saga of chicken burritos will be cooked and ready to serve.

(Also, I’m still trying to figure out this whole best day to post thing and, frankly, Mondays seem to be a smashed-up traffic jam of posts. Who can read all the ones that come into your box? I feel lost… maybe Tuesday more people will read about the strange burritos that my sons seem to considered one of the family’s cherished traditions. Blogging! Always a frigging mystery.)