Right Before Your Eyes: Women Street Artists

It has always confound me how many women artists continue to work in the shadows of men. The case of women graffiti artist is particularly glaring and yet their contributions are among the most essential lessons on why graffiti is such a dynamic artistic expression.

Women graffiti artists have been at work right from the moment Cornbread began pouring his heart out all over Philadelphia in 1967. Their writing is frequently raw, political, sometimes bursting with an unapologetic in-your-face message formed around issues of women’s social empowerment. It takes on a raw urgency that, at times, is uncomfortable even when their palette is electrically vibrant shout-outs of their identity. In an artistic form so dominated by male authority, maybe that’s why their work rarely receives attention.

The voices of women graffiti artists are all around you. You just have to be open and willing to discover them for yourself. This editorial by Kelsey Ables in Artsy is a fine introduction.

Feature image credit: Lady K Fever, Her Story

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