Hard Days on the Planet

I didn’t read the news today. I’m not turning on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News for my usual 5 minute lunchtime check-in with the nation.

I’ll be rude and cut off people today if I hear them utter even the first syllable of the following words: Iowa impeachment state of the union any senator/congressman/republican/democrat the total trump clan candidates polls.

I’m turning off my phone and hiding it.

You know what I am going to do today? I am going to practice serenity, tally up the good things I can control, give out long hugs, be certain that, soon, the sky won’t be as gray as it has been these many months and that the temperature will stop vacillating between bone-numbing and heat wave.

Just now, I walked outside and look what greeted me? The first heralding of winter’s leaving and spring will come.

So go out and cut or buy yourself some forsythia branches to force bloom inside your house. For just a moment, there will be beauty and hopefulness in your world.

Credit to Loudon Wainwright for the title and writing this song that doesn’t really help today’s plan but seems to captures it all.

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