Month: February 2020

This Crone Still Wants to Have Sex

Who wants to waste all these hard-earned and, by now, well-polished skills and deep experiences? Why wouldn’t we want to share them with someone we really lust for and give us both the time of our lives?

All the Rage in the Food World

There’s another issue I have about the Rage Baking controversy that has not been explored yet: Would Tangerine Jones have even been offered a place among the book’s elite lineup of contributors?

Recipe Monday! A Bracing Tonic

The renewed popularity of cocktails have fostered a handful of crafted bitters brands. Carlos’ Dominican heritage separates his from the competition. Along with herbs and spices his blends may include chili and mezcal. A friend from Mexico brought hibiscus blossoms back for him. Those dried grasshoppers add a pleasing tang to a mix for rimming a margarita.

Right Before Your Eyes: Women Street Artists

It has always amazed me how many women artists continue to work in the shadows of men. The case of women graffiti artist is particularly glaring and yet their contributions are among the most essential lessons on why graffiti is such a dynamic artistic expression.

Recipe Monday! What Mom Knew and I Don’t

Mom heard what went into a dish and immediately knew not only how to cook it but how it should taste, a talent she expected everyone to have and was appalled when she found otherwise.

Sex Scenes–The Bane of My Writing Existence

For almost five years I’ve been writing a story about the friendship between two girls who meet at 15. It ends when they’re 28. The major themes are growing up different from others and struggling with sexuality. I can handle the growing up without much hair pulling. It’s the sex that sends me around the bend.

Droning with Tom: He Goes It Alone

What I love about these particular set of drone photographs is that they show the beauty of the living landscape.

Damn That Was Bad!

About that recipe I gave yesterday–that so sucked!

Recipe Monday! The Conflicted Food Writer

Unlike nearly everyone else in the food world, I’m not an expert cook, an investigative journalist, an intriguing theorists, an anthropologist or historian.!-the-conflicted-food-writer

Hard Days on the Planet

You know what I am going to do today? I am going to practice serenity, tally up the good things I can control, give out long hugs, be certain that, soon, the sky won’t be as gray as it has been these many months and that the temperature will stop vacillating between bone-numbing and heat wave.