Stumbling Along in Blog Land

I meant to post a piece today about Tom and me going out on another droning expedition. The planned release would have coincide with your roll out of bed and commencing your daily scroll.

The reason this didn’t happen is because of my two persistent pitfalls in getting this blog thing exploding happily along.

1: I started thinking about the drone piece on Wednesday but, instead, sunk deep into untangling a very important passage in the book I’m rewriting. It’s about a teenage friendship between two girls longing to be artists. Yes, it’s a memoir but only in the sense that everything in it happened. 80%, though, consists of reconstructed dialogue, composite characters and a handful that went missing from scenes, timeline compression or expansion. So not strictly really factual memoir. I have a lot of untangling to do.

2: Not that I didn’t start the drone blog. I am half way through it and I guess if I stayed up late yesterday I could’ve finished it but the composition of these posts is very labor intensive. They require downloading and editing lots of photos, choosing which ones best illustrate the text, and then laying it all out. I’m really good at this in print but I’m learning as I go about different techniques and elements I could use to further enhance Tom’s photographs.

This means video and the best reason to use a drone is to tell the story of the landscape that will hopefully provide readers with a more expanded understanding of the story. We’re both interested in pushing this further. The subject of this piece is several old Brooklyn cemeteries we visited over the course of a month. To me, each and every tombstone is a short story, every cemetery a different narrative style. For Tom, the cemetery expeditions would give him the ability to shot a variety of architectural elements across a fairly unimpeded terrain. There was also the peacefulness we both feel in walking through a cemetery.

All was going pretty well until I tried to incorporate some video Tom took. We haven’t taken advantage of what a drone does best because I couldn’t figure out how to insert videos. By this point, I had been trying for five hours (with some short breaks to see what was happening in the Impeachment trial). I attempted to follow the WordPress instructions but it was 7:30 PM and my eyes were blurry, hands cramped and the husband came home to find dinner had been forgotten. Pulling an all-nigher was a non-starter.

And so, here we are. Lots of excuses for not posting on Saturday, supposedly one of the magic days. One other excuse–I have a ton of cooking to do for Recipe Monday! A teaser–considering how much we’ve all heard about the framers of the Constitution this week, I decided to look in to what the Founding Wives (Slaves and Conscripted Servants) cooked for several Founding Fathers–Madison, Hamilton, Washington, Adams and Jefferson.