All About Blogging Advice… Recipe Wednesday! Moving to Recipe Monday!

I’m five months into blogging and I’m happy to say each post gathers up more followers. But I need and want more. As a blog that seeks to explore and share our everyday life through the many inevitable mishaps that shape all our hours, I think I have something to say about food, women issues, culture, current events and how we live today. I’m a terrific writer and fun to read (so I’m told).

And now I’m shamelessly begging people to follow me.

(A curious note: My blog gets more hits, likes, and followers on LinkedIn. Go figure.)

So I’ve been reading a lot of advice about how to do this. I now have a huge stack of bookmarked articles to digest, probably with a cocktail or glass of wine beside me.

One consistent advice is when to blog: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, early in the morning or around lunch. This all makes sense, which is why I’ve moved Recipe Wednesday! to Recipe Monday! Everyone needs to think about what to cook and eat for the week ahead, right? Everyone is seeking a little humor before the workweek begins, aren’t they?

Besides, this change is the easiest advice for me to take. Others, not so much. The top three are NETWORKING! (historically, I have proven to be totally incapable of reaching out and talking to people, let alone selling myself); RAMP UP SOCIAL MEDIA! (I hate hate HATE social media, I really do, if only because it eats up so much time and requires so much screen scrolling and I rather spend that time writing and living the rest of my life); JUMP INTO FORUMS! (see Networking and Social Media).

Two other pieces of advice I’d be thrilled and honored to do: write a guest post for you and have guest post on my blog.

So this move is the first step. Let’s see what happens and thanks to all my dear followers for liking me. And of course I’ll have a post for Saturday–all about another droning adventure with Tom and me.

We’ve been flying around guys like him.



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