Month: January 2020

Recipe Monday! What the Founding Wives and Slaves Cooked for the Founding Fathers

Whether the Founding Fathers dined at a tavern or home during the Constitutional Convention, their meals were cooked by our Founding Women. For more than a handful, if the men headed home, slaves were in the kitchen, as well. recipe-monday!-what-the-founding-wives-and-slaves-cooked-for-the-founding-fathers

Stumbling Along in Blog Land

I meant to post a piece today about Tom and me going out on another droning expedition. The plan release would coincide with your roll out of bed and commencing of your daily scroll.The reason this didn’t happen is because of my two persistent pitfalls in getting this blog thing exploding happily along.

All About Blogging Advice… Recipe Wednesday! Moving to Recipe Monday!

I’m shamelessly begging people to follow my blog! So this move is the first step. Let’s see what happens….

Why Meditate?

I began meditating everyday about a year and a half ago after somersaulting into a major life change

video of crashing sled

Recipe Monday! Sledding Crêpes

I watched the snow fall on Saturday and wished I could go sledding. It’s horrifying to me that the last time was when my oldest son was around four years old and we lost control and rammed right into a lamp post.

Recipe Wednesday! A Case for Cheating

Yes, I got this year’s flu vaccine. No, I didn’t call my doctor within forty-eight hours after the body aches, running nose, flushed cheeks, crabbiness started to get a Tamiflu shot. Yes, I know! Suck it up. I’ll surely be alright even if I can’t imagine that how.

Recipe Wednesday! Comfort from the Middle East

An intimate understanding of a culture is found in learning about foreign ingredients and why and how they’re put together. It’s one aspect of a people’s place in the world that you can’t take away from it, never blow up.

Droning with Tom: The Blessed Bronx

Tom knows two holy sites in the Bronx and off we go in honor of the Epiphany.

Recipe Wednesday! Wake Up! Wake Up! And Start Anew!

If you ask me what to do about a hangover, I’ll suggest you might want to look up a cure under invalid cooking.