The Best of It

2019 exhausted me more than giving birth or having a heart attack.

None of you want me to recap the public reasons for why I might feel this way and the personal ones are, well, personal.

The survival method for both have been the same–by writing and cooking. Much thanks must go to having to do both for these posts and I’m grateful for the interest and readership they’ve engendered. I hope I’ve given back some with the sites I’ve discovered this year and come to love. We all need a collective hug.

A list of a few of the people who have kept me sane, along with a sample of their work, would include (in no particular order):

Shero: I Read the 300 Page Intel Report So You Don’t Have To

Ordinary Times: Start the Day With a Beautiful Day

LeanneCole: Photo Challenge

Laleh Chini: Headscarf

Agents and Books: Let It Go

bereavedand beingasingleparent: Little Things

The Used Life: On Being a Late Bloomer

I Didn’t Have My Glasses On…: a plan

Rachelmankowitz: A Greek Orthodox Funeral

Edge of Humanity Magazine (basically anything they post)

And to round this out, I present a few of my own posts. Not sure they’re the best but you liked them:

Droning with Tom (There’s been four so far in November and December.)

Hand-in-hand, forward to surviving 2020!

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