Recipe Wednesday! And Droning with Tom: Away in a Bronx Manger

There’s much to tell about our trip to the Bronx. It was, for starters, the first time the drone failed to launch when we tried to fly over North Brothers Island to pick up the late 19th century hospital where the city banished and treated its infectious disease patients. This is when Tom realized his new drone is equipped with a sensor that shuts it down if it’s too close to a restricted zone, such as the flight path for LaGuardia airport.

All toll, the plan was to hit four places Tom found on earlier bike trips. Despite hell on the Brucken, Bronx River, and Cross Bronx, we made them and they’ll pop up in later posts. But for now, because it is the holidays and we may need another moment of wonder about now, I want to highlight our last stop of the day.

The house is off Boston Road and since the family leaves much of their display up throughout the year–this was taken a few days before Thanksgiving–it’s somewhat of a landmark, especially for traffic directions. Tom had seen it before so he wasn’t as dumbstruck as I was. We agreed it was a marvel of artistic endeavor–sort of a grand example of outsider art. While I slowly went about trying not to be too freaked out (look closely–the angels are wearing Flashdance-era curly wigs and there’s mannequins in ball gowns behind those windows!!), Tom crossed the street to the park and launched his drone.

It is said that if you visit the house this season you will be entranced by it’s music, revolving dancers, strobe lights. The family may be seen sometimes peeking out at all the joy they seem to be giving to the world. They built it in tribute to a personal miracle and, when seen on a corner of a Bronx street upon the darkness of the winter solstice, it’s strangeness disappears and its wonder magnify.

Recipe Wednesday! A Holiday Bread

Tom sent over this recipe for a very simple bread.

An idiot could make this, I thought as I scanned the directions. It is, indeed, simple but there’s a catch. You have to live in a warm enough house for the bread to rise properly. I apparently do not.

You, I know, will have much better success. Your guests and family will be confounded at how easily you pulled off such a fine bread in the midst of all this crazy baking season! You will find the recipe and instructions on Jim Lahey’s website Leite’s Culinaria