Recipe Wednesday! A Collection of Uncharacteristically Healthy Recipes

I have to say right at the top that this post was originally written for another blog entitled Transform Your Life, hosted by a friend and former colleague, Bob Oliva, a well-known expert on nutrition and diet. He asked me to write it after seeing the post I did on lentil chili that incorporated a heap of kale and other good stuff along with my favorite legume. The subject would be healthy recipes for the coming holiday season. I was flattered and accepted his invitation because he’s a friend and I believe in his blog and want to support him. Plus, you know, since I intend to be honest here, it wouldn’t be so bad for me, either

However and, again, to uphold my straight-up non-fiction writing standards, it was unethical for me to take the assignment because I really don’t think about nutritional values. I mean, I try to be healthy–I haven’t eaten fast food, Twinkies, or processed meat in years. Wait, that statement is unethical, too! I love hot dogs and bacon. I eat both a lot and they ain’t the vegan kind, either.

I also cook with butter, cream, and salt. Until recently I used duck fat to fry potatoes. I’m skeptical about plant-base meat products (the subject of a future Recipe Wednesday! post). And, while I love my vegetarian/vegan friends, I can’t get around the feeling that they’re missing out.

But when I sat down and thought about the assignment, I realized that many of the dishes I love to feed my family and friends are conceived around fresh, wholesome ingredients prepared in the most nutritious ways. That, after all, is the heart of good cooking. So I gathered together some of my favorite recipes and he published the piece earlier this week, just in time for me to re-post here. At the risk of giving you a version of a “the dog ate my homework,” excuse, I haven’t been able to come up with an original piece because my dog died; a student gave me an 80 page manuscript to read; the husband has a cold; we’ve had overnight visitors….and the impeachment hearings tackle me every time I pass the TV. Instead, would you mind going over to Bob’s site to read what I wrote for him? They really are good dishes for you and worth keeping in mind, especially the saffron consomme, which is particularly good to counter holiday hangovers and upset stomachs.

For me, though, there is a bigger reason–I want to introduce you to Bob’s blog. You’ll learn an awful lot about developing a nutritious diet and an overall healthier life style. As for me, I’m trying very hard to heed his advice. Except, you know, duck fat fried potatoes are damn good.

Hope you like Four Traditional Recipes Perfect for the Holidays!

Final Note: The third, and final, part of my series, The Marines on the Truck, is a bit delayed while I track the men down for recipes. Hope to tackle them for next week. Until then, and if you haven’t read them already, I’m happy to point you to Part I and Part II.