Month: November 2019

Recipe Wednesday Redux! I Lied

I wasn’t thinking YEAH! LET’S DO IT!! But he sounded so excited. My child still wants to be with his mom, thinks she’s cool. CRAP.

Recipe Wednesday! The Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past

If you have spent any time with my writing, you know I’m nothing if not lazy and low-rent. So you will not find recipes, absolutely no decorating/centerpiece instructions here.

Droning with Tom: Lessons From a Sunken Submarine

I’d be surprise if Jerry Bianco idea hadn’t haunted him during his whole time at the Navy Yard, always mapping it out in his head, tenaciously believing he could make a submarine where there never should have been a submarine.

Recipe Wednesday! A Collection of Uncharacteristically Healthy Recipes

I really don’t think about nutritional values. I mean, I try to be healthy–I haven’t eaten fast food, Twinkies, or processed meat in years. Wait, that statement is unethical, too! I love hot dogs. I eat one every week and they ain’t the vegan kind, either.

Droning with Tom

The Colony’s 75 acres are designated a historical site and is surrounded by a tall chain-link fence and the buildings, once sealed, are open to the elements, slowly disappearing under vines and tree saplings. Tom and I, of course, thought it was a perfect place to launch his drone.

Recipe Wednesday! A Simple Omelet

My aunt is of the opinion that if you don’t know how to make a proper omelet then you can, in no way, claim to be a knowledgeable cook.

Recipe Wednesday! What I Cooked for My Lovers

I would have gotten this posted when it was actually Wednesday but my dog died and I’m a little befuddled. I’m going to make onion soup and hope you enjoy this post!!-what-i-cooked-for-my-lovers