Adventures with Tara, the Alzheimer Dog!

Sometimes it helps to think of Tara as a two year old kid.

When she starts fussing at night we take her into our bed where she plops right out to sleep, sometimes even through the alarm. Her potty training is sporadic, too (they actually sell dog diapers which, I have to tell you, is a pure case of marketing hooey).

Most importantly, it’s wise to keep her busy or she’ll get into trouble–like, as I said in a past post, she’ll tear apart throw rugs. Tara never went in much for toys. I don’t know if it’s a pit bull thing but she always preferred to just wander from person to person at the dog park, waiting to receive her due attention and be fawned over, which she always was. She didn’t know what the hell was so much fun about retrieving balls or pulling on a rope. Attempting to curl her 50 pounds into your lap was enough exertion for her.

It’s been a challenge then to come up with ways to occupy her. An added urgency is that activities keep whatever is left of her mind as sharp as it’s going to get on any given day. This is my excuse when I come home from the pet store with about $200 worth of toys and treats. I bought Kong balls and a bone you somehow stuff a treat into that I haven’t yet found the right size for. She occasionally noses them around but loses interest in them within a minute.

A winner, though, is this puzzle thing. She has to find where the treat is behind the round disc and then come up with the way to slide the disc open to eat it. It’s suppose to be genius level and it did take Tara about a week to solve. Once, she became so frustrated she chewed right through the wood, as you can see. I was digging out chunks of wood from her gum all night.

Cat can’t believe all the unearned attention Tara gets!

She loves it. I love it. It gives us both a small dose of pleasure–she a bunch of treats and me sometimes an additional 15 minutes to peacefully collapse.

All to say, every day is an adventure with Tara. I just have to figure out how to get through it.

Augh! Gotta go! She thinks she can make it up the stairs!!

NOTE: I’m not endorsing any of these products! But now I know why people buy them. So….thank you.