Recipe Wednesday! Lentil Chili

It’s currently 95 degrees, feels like 98 according to my weather app. October 2, 95 degrees. Not going to say a thing about climate change. I don’t really feel like cooking but it’s Recipe Wednesday and I have to come up with something.

The conservative estimate for how many cookbooks I have in my kitchen is about 90. No one needs 90 cookbooks but, at some point when I was writing about food, I needed every one and I’m fond of them. Never can tell when they may come in handy. But there’s no way I’m looking through them today so, as we all do, I go online.

I’m trying to eat a little more healthy since my primary doctor pointed out I wasn’t getting any younger. I would cook more fish but the husband has a phobia about choking on tiny bones. He has opinions about vegetarian dishes, too, mostly that he’ll still be hungry afterwards and require a huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce. I generally join him.

I have a nice jar of lentils and they’re quick cooking which means I won’t have to spend much time near the stove. I type in lentils and a slew of sites come up. Problem is I can’t get through one without some ad flashing, singing and shouting at me. Cars, watches, anti-depressants, Pepto Bismal, anti-wrinkle creams, Ruggable, Fabric Guru, Lowes are shoved in my face, worse obscuring the copy. It’s 95 degrees feels like 98 and the dog is the only one enjoying air-conditioning. I get that websites have to make money but it’s ridiculous the amount of ads thrown at you. I always jump right off to another site but it’s getting increasingly rarer to find any better. Frankly, I’m angry and spooked enough by this that I’m considering becoming a Luddite.

Cooking sites seem particularly infested with ads so I stiffen my spine–it is Recipe Wednesday–and soldier on, mercifully soon coming upon Phoebe is an actual person who promotes wellness, her recipes all natural and gluten-free. I don’t hold any of that against her because I discover an interesting recipe for lentil chili.

Considering it’s 95 degrees, feels like 98, chili would seem an odd choice but it calls for being cooked in a crock pot The instructions run along the line of “dump everything in the pot, cook for 6 hours.” Perfect.

Happily all the ingredients are on hand, except for kale. Run to the fruit stand at the end of the block (I should really start buying kale). Sweat soggy, I trudge back.

Haul out the little crock pot I exchanged for the big when the large sons finally moved out of the basement and, as per instructions, dump all the ingredients into the pot.

Fine. I can handle this. Take down the ever faithful Dutch oven. Dump everything into that.

Phoebe does provide instructions for this method which has more steps, such as sauteing the onions and garlic, slowly mixing in the tomatoes, etc. Obviously that’s not going to happen. Nice thing about Dutch ovens is that they’re the precursor of crock pots: I bring the stuff to a boil, turn down to simmer, put the lid on and go do the 40 other things I have to accomplish this afternoon.

An hour later, I come back and raise the lid.

Phoebe recommends serving it with something called coconut rice which, when I go back online and battle through more ads, I learn is a thing. Since it’s nothing more than substituting coconut milk for water I’m fine with her suggestion, and I happen to have two cans of coconut milk left over from an unfortunate pina colada phase.

Husband comes home from work. He receives a kiss from a fairly pleasant wife who’s ready to serve Wednesday’s dinner.

And an hour later, it begins to rain and the temperature plummets to 74 degrees. A perfect October fall evening.

Have fun visiting Feed Me Phoebe. She has a ton of fun and interesting ideas, not to mention great recipes, such as Slow Cooker Lentil Chili with Black Beans, Pumpkin, and Kale

Thank you Phoebe!

4 thoughts on “Recipe Wednesday! Lentil Chili

  1. That looks yummy!!!
    Can you believe I actually lost—yes LOST—my cast iron frying pan? That’s correct, a huge, 40 lb. pan…POOF…gone. Missing. No more oven fried pork chops 🙁