Month: October 2019

Recipe Wednesday! Part II: The Marines on the Truck

At one point in Afghanistan, Sam told Ruben his idea for starting a food truck. Ruben filed his idea away as something for him to circle back to when they got back home.

Adventures with Tara, the Alzheimer Dog!

Sometimes it helps to think of Tara as a two year old kid.

Recipe Wednesday! Muddled Lamb Tagine

People have been cooking lamb tagine for hundreds of years old because it’s one of mankind’s most satisfying meal. And I have all the critical ingredients crammed into my cupboard.

Tara and the Writing Life

Beyond the normal set of age-related conditions, Tara’s in great shape. Except she has Alzheimer.

Recipe Wednesday! The Marines on the Truck

Ruben knew he needed to find the same kind of leadership he’d received in the program after he aged out at 18 and Sam felt directionless, treading water, even after managing to graduate from college. In their own ways, they were drawn to the Marine Corp, attracted by its fierce reputation for molding recruits into formidable soldiers, first in battle. And both Rubin and Sam had a strong desire to experience war.

Recipe Wednesday! Delayed a Little Bit!

The next couple of entries for Recipe Wednesday are about two Marines who started a food truck in New York City. I’m waiting for them to fact check the first post since it’s very much their story and I want to get it right. They should get back to me by tomorrow. We are not fake news here! In the meantime, here’s one of the recipes from that post.

Recipe Wednesday! Mom’s Cake

I’m incredible with savory recipes and a disastrous dunce with sweets, particularly anything baked. This is the reason why it took me about a year and a half to attempt to bake my mom’s 1 2 3 4 cake.

Recipe Wednesday! Lentil Chili

It’s currently 95 degrees, feels like 98 according to my weather app. October 2, 95 degrees. Not going to say a thing about climate change. I don’t really feel like cooking but it’s Recipe Wednesday and I have to come up with something.