Impeachment Pot Pie

It’s Recipe Wednesday! Every week I’ll be sending out a different kitchen mess, most of the time with a recipe. I’ll try to make them all delicious.

Our inaugural recipe is IMPEACHMENT POT PIE! I had already planned to make a pie for dinner because I was meeting friends for drinks and when I came home would maybe have an hour to pull together dinner. I figured I’d make the pie in the afternoon then be free to gallivant around.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi announced that Congress was opening impeachment hearings was just a coincident. But then pot pie is a very appropriate dish to have when our elected officials finally decide to begin fixing this troubled country of ours.

It’s a safe bet that Pilgrims baked a lot of pot pies. Forming dough into a deep pot and filling it with scraps of whatever is around then topping it with another piece of dough is a fine way to fill up as many stomachs as possible. They were perfect to carry a family through lean times and traveled well as people began to spread out. Other immigrants brought their own versions of pot pies–Germans and French, in particular, made fine pies because their dough tended to be more savory. (I’m going to get murdered for saying this and it’s not just because I’m Irish. The historical record of English dough recipes is heavy on using suet for the fat which, if you haven’t had it, makes your stomach feel like it’s filled with cement.)

So pot pies are among the earliest recipes in American cooking and I’m sure the Founding Fathers and Mothers ate a ton of them.

Here’s how mine came to represent current events:

I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had time to shop so this is what I had on hand. Note the Pillsbury pie dough in the back. I’m going to get laughed at on this score because I wrote a whole book about pies. In my defense I do say straight out that store bought dough is fine, especially if you have no time to make it. A wonderful cooking friend turned me on to Pillsbury when I asked her for her recipe and she gave me the box. We’re both very proud fakers!

The filling consisted of what I call “cleaning out the refrigerator” ingredients. Another reason to make a pot pie. You can throw just about anything in them and somehow they all get along. Yesterday, Pelosi spoke very eloquently about how immigrants constantly renew and refresh our society, an enormous source of our strength. The fact that they’ve been so denigrated and cruelly treated was among the reasons she gave for making her decision to proceed toward impeachment. You can say the same about the odd assortment pulled out of my refrigerator in the hope of forming a perfect union. And yes that’s a stretch of a metaphor and a bit of grandstanding but it’s that kind of moment in our history.

Moving on….I really hoped to find chicken but didn’t, hence this would be a shrimp pie. As I’ve said, anything you have on hand is just fine. I chopped and sauteed everything together.

Then threw it in the pie plate.

And here is where the impeachment pie began to get it’s name. The thing about Pillsbury pie dough is it’s not meant to be rolled. So in wrangling it out of it’s aluminum pan, the dough began to break up and I ended up having to patch the top together.

I know! It looks horrible! All those torn pieces mashed together. A complete mishmash. Well, folks, just accept it. This is minor to all the smashing about to commence for the foreseeable future.

But what are we going to do?

Whisk together an egg wash that will begin to join the pieces together, thus creating a whole.

And so, I give you last night’s dinner, what we ate as we listened to a lot of yapping. The pie comforted us and made us hope that, like our ancestors, we’ll figure out a way to once more bring us all together and move on to saner times.

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