Month: September 2019

A Reason to Believe

This morning I want to celebrate a glorious I Can’t Believe He Did It, namely the artist Kehinde Wiley’s sculpture, “Rumors of War.”

Impeachment Pot Pie

It’s Recipe Wednesday! Every week I’ll be sending out a different kitchen mess, most of the time with a recipe. I’ll try to make them all delicious. Our inaugural recipe is IMPEACHMENT POT PIE! I had already planned to make a pie for dinner because … Continue reading Impeachment Pot Pie

No One Makes This Stuff Up

I’m telling you this because it puts in perspectives how I felt last week when I read this tweet from Geraldo Rivera:

Help! I Feel Like Drinking On the Job

You’re not alone! There is no way a sane person doesn’t feel like they need something to numb their frayed nerves.

Cursing All Day Long

This is #PitMad day and for those lucky many who don’t know what this is, it’s a twitter event conceived by people who thought it’d be fabulously fun to have writers reduce their manuscripts to a tweet.