We’re In This Mess Together!

cropped-kitchen_nightmare_600x450-21.jpgThe soup pot boils over. The roast is toast. Somehow the uncooked steak lands in the bag of dog food. At six o’clock–right when the day can’t get any worse considering the boss and the commute and the call from the parents who are definitely not sane–the significant other appears with eight co-workers in tow, having decided it will be great fun to have everyone stay for drinks and dinner.

I Can’t Believe I Did This! is going to help you through this and many other of life’s kitchen travails. How? Because my mother–descending from a long line of Irish cooks, the kind that made their way in this country through the back door of rich people’s kitchens–taught me. On top of that, I’ve been through them all. If all else fails, I have a pile of books and research wobbling on my desk to come up with the right solution, disguise, excuse, or stalling technique to help you salvage whatever it is that started you crying in the first place.

So pull yourself together and let’s get to work.

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