Hot Messes


We’ve all been there–the over spiced stew; lopsided cake; fish that flopped on the floor; kid/spouse who decided to eat AROUND the middle of the pie because who would notice, right??; under cooked lobsters; vegetarian turkeys that looked more like a mudslide.

And let’s not forget life having too many WTF moments. Don’t forget those. Children, spouses, relatives, bosses, neighbors, the old dog, legs wobbling, paws failing to find purchase. Stains on every single piece of clothing you own, rooms you need to keep the lights low so no one can see the state they’re in.  And, oh yeah, too too many lousy, cruel, stupid politicians stomping around your last nerve.

Take a breath.  I’ve written four books about food  and, thus, am supposed to know how to cook perfectly. I don’t–many more times than you’d think decent.  I’m not too proud to admit this either because there’s always tricks. Believe me.

Of the rest of life outside the kitchen, I’m moving fast into my crone years and have tire marks a mile wide on me. Thank god I have a couple of sane friends and–surprisingly–relatives willing to help us out.

So, make yourself a nice cocktail, pour a glass of wine, or whatever else will sooth your frayed burnt nerves. We’ll figure out all of life’s messes together!

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