What’s This All About?

Writers exploring food, Brooklyn, physical and mental health–and, in between, a whole lot of general interest looks at life.

Let’s start with food: Cooking, culinary history, memoir, and social and cultural commentary. Stories have ranged from a strange way to make a great angel food cake, medieval potions used to cure the bubonic plague (although not so good/legal for Covid-19), the family’s cast iron skillet, and women’s lives.

The Brooklyn Almanac covers a wide range of subjects somehow tied to the borough. Recent posts centered on Fred Trump’s twilight, the Statler Brothers, and keeping your feet dry in the snow. On Health and Wellness delves into topics related to mental, physical, and spiritual health with science-based holistic and traditional naturopath methods. Proven to be a very valuable resource in 2020 and marching onward, the section covers every aspect of how to keep sane and healthy through these hard times. Photo essays have brought to life a Revolutionary War battle, urban archeology sites, and road trips.

Regular contributors have published four books and articles in The NationOmni MagazineThe Sporting NewsThe Quayle Quarterly and Brooklyn Bridge Magazine (1995-2000), and The Baffler.  Our health and wellness expert, a certified holistic health practitioner and Licensed Master Social Worker, has published over 50 articles and Ebooks. 

Visit our personal websites: www.patwillard.org and Transform Your Life. And, please, drop us a line at icantbelieveididthisblog@gmail.com with story suggestions or comments, good and bad. We’d love to hear from you!

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