Hot Messes


We’ve all been there–the over spiced stew; lopsided cake; fish that flopped on the floor; kid/spouse who decided to eat AROUND the middle of the pie because who would notice, right??; under cooked lobsters; vegetarian turkeys that looked more like a mudslide.

There’s people right outside the kitchen, starving, tapping they’re feet. They’re crying…

“Do you need any help?”

“Oh, no, everything’s fine! Out in a minute!!”

Take a breath.  I’m going to try to help you. I’ve written four books about food  and, thus, am supposed to know how to cook perfectly. And I don’t–a lot.  I’m not too proud to admit this either because there’s always tricks. Believe me.

So, make yourself a nice cocktail, pour a glass of wine, or whatever else will sooth your frayed burnt nerves. We’re in this mess together!

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